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Helena Almaguer
Email Last Added/Changed: 2004.06.14
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What I Did with the Kavaliers
Soprano 1995, Baritone 1996 & 1997, Mellophone 1998 and 1999

What I Did after Kavaliers / What I'm doing now
Marched with the Blue Knights in 2000. would love to age out but I cannot afford to :( The blue knights and college are taking all of my money away. I go to Loyola University Chicago and I am studying some languages (Arabic and Hindi) and other fun stuff (photography and ceramics). Someday I'll have money... and then I'll give you some

My Message to the Kavaliers
Some things you shouldn't forget...
life on tour,
those fun bus rides,
sitting at the border for a few hours,
free days,
finals week,
one thing you should never forget-
never, ever forget your family... Nous sommes un!