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Cam Anderson
Email Last Added/Changed: 2002.07.03
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What I Did with the Kavaliers
I marched contra in '92, '93, '95, and aged out in '96. I instructed during the winter of '97.

What I Did after Kavaliers / What I'm doing now
I now march and instruct with the Grenadiers Senior drum and bugle corps from Kingston, Ont. I have been marching here since the spring of '97. We have come along way since then and have finally made a name for ourselves. I also learned that there is drum corp life after junior.

My Message to the Kavaliers
Always remember that only you can achieve your goals; no one else can do it for you. No matter how high the mountain is, you can always reach the top. Good luck in Europe and have a great time. Yo yo yo, KAVIES IN THE HOUSE!!!!!