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Suzin (Arksey) Arksey-Farmer
Email Last Added/Changed: 2002.03.09

What I Did with the Kavaliers
1972 - Second Soprano; 1973-1975 First Soprano

What I Did after Kavaliers / What I'm doing now
Marched with Dutch Boy Cadets and Georgian Lancers; moved to B.C. and married a flyboy from Ontario; now an Author and proud mom of two hockey players!!

My Message to the Kavaliers
My favourite moment was standing at retreat (1974 I think) waiting for the results,,the previous year we had come in dead last every competition so our heads were low,,,,,but as the results were read, they kept skipping us,,,,we won to the shock of everyone on the field, especially us!!! What a great season starter for a 10yr old!