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Lyle Nunn (aka "Mother")
Email Last Added/Changed: 2002.07.15

What I Did with the Kavaliers
marched with kavaliers from 82-86. then marched dutch boy from 86-88. then i came back to kavaliers for 1989 season.I played cymbals my first year and then went to the bass line.

What I Did after Kavaliers / What I'm doing now
I work for automation tooling systems as a machine mechanic\ setter. I've been with the company for 10 years. I'm not married and have no children.( that i am aware of. lol)

My Message to the Kavaliers
To all Kavalier members new and old. In the immortal words of a great poet" Do not go gentle into that good night".If you dont know the meaning behind this phrase you should ask someone who knows