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J.P. Renaud (aka "J.P.")
Email Last Added/Changed: 2008.04.30

What I Did with the Kavaliers
'72,'73 Cymbals; '74 Rudimentary Bass Drum; '75 Snare

What I Did after Kavaliers / What I'm doing now
Tried Northstar, didn't like it. Went into minor sports. Now I run Newtex Cleaners!! I also sing/play keys in a rock band and d.j. weddings and stuff for fun. Married for 22 years to a " Venture" named Pam Monk and have three offspring.

My Message to the Kavaliers
Bill and I were founding members in 1972 he made double tenor, I got stuck with cracked cymbals which stuck together sometimes when I smashed too hard !I was only 8.
Conrad and Rieck scared us like no tomorrow " Let's go Yous Guys, then came the flying drumsticks if our feet were not off the ground while marching !
The whole snare line(8 guys) dropping our right drum stick during a parade so Teri Leslie had to run around to retrieve, ha ha.
Snowball fights with towns people during Santa parade.
Keith Mathews cumberbund !
"oaken bucket" the very first Kavalier tune I believe .