Alumni Accomplishments

This page was created to showcase the various accomplishments of Kavalier alumni over the years after moving on from the Kavaliers. Most of the accomplishments are likely to be Drum Corps-related but others are/will be noted, too, under various categories.
Please take a moment to see what others have done. You might be surprised.

A Master's Degree or better
(i.e. a PhD, or candidacy thereof)
NameWith KavaliersAfter Kavaliers
Dr. Rob FaragherBrass 1988-1991Earned his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Guelph in 2006. Now doing a post-doc at the National Research Council in Ottawa in chemical biology
Dr. Justin BahlPit 91-94He completed his Ph.D. and is now a post-doctoral researcher on emerging and infectious diseases. He's in Hong Kong and it still frickin’ rocks.
Dr. Donna DinnesColour Guard 1992-1994Completed her Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 2006 and am now an NSERC Post Doctoral Fellow doing research at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia in the area of inflammation and cardiac research. And yes the beaches here are as beautiful as they say....
Tara SchramColour Guard 1992-1995She got her Masters in psychology a few years ago and is currently teaching Behavioural Special Education for the Toronto Catholic District School Board
Dr. Kaela (Jacobs) BeauclercBrass, 1994-1998She earned her Ph.D. in Environmental and Life Sciences at Trent University, where she studied the conservation genetics of endangered amphibians. She is currently working as a wildlife geneticist at Trent University.
Richard Burrows'94,'95,'98 Snare '99 PitHe completed his Master's in Music for percussion Performance from University of Toronto.
Dr. Amanda ManszGuard 1995-2001Earned her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM).
Dr. Amanda SmeighGuard '98-'99Ph.D. in Chemistry from Michigan State University. Now she is in Sweden doing Post-doctoral research at Uppsala University. She has been and continues to do work with alternative solar energy conversion materials and is now working in the Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis. Her research focuses mostly on using ultrafast spectroscopic techniques to better understand the processes that occur in these devices; okay, in human that means: She gets to work with lasers all day.
Lisa WechzelbergerColour Guard 1996-2000Completed her Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto in 2007
Randy MillsColor Guard 1998Master's Degree in math from Marshall University. Started teaching math at Shawnee State University the fall of 2003.
John McFarlandSnare 1999-2001Masters (M.M.) in percussion performance
Rebecca GlickPit 2000-2001She earned her law degree (J.D.) and is now a licensed attorney in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She passed both bar exams at the same time, which she considers masochistic and a personal achievement. Most people do one at a time, and many fail.

Career Collaborations (Musical or Not)
(amongst ex-Kavaliers or ex-Drum Corps people)
Jamie Burton, Mike Sharpe, Trevor Boppre, Rob Summers, Shane Morriss, Richard Burrows (former Kavalier drummers)"TR Beat", the live rhythmatists that perform at Toronto Raptors NBA games.

Something like you invented YouTube, you're the deputy-premier of Saskatchewan or whatever.
NameWith KavaliersAfter Kavaliers
Keith MatthewsSoprano Soloist 1974-1976Currently own and operate a North American-wide Logistics and Supply Chain Management Company with sales over $140 million. Offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Chicago, & Dallas. Warehouse facilities in Mississauga and Fort Wayne, IN.
John CameronDrum Arranger 1979-1984, Corps Director 1985-1987President/CEO of many companies, including Lucent Technologies, Canada and NBI
Jon VanderkolffSoprano 1983-1985Major design force behind the BLAST! Show.  His father, Peter, founded the Ventures in the fall of 1972.
Jon's IMDB (Internet Movie Database) Page:      
Steve DaunheimerMember, Instructor, Asst Director 1978-1994Steve Daunheimer is currently a freelance photographer in the GTA and South Western Ontario. Steve is the Manager of Photography Services for the FAME Media Group and the World Natural Sports Association. In addition to his extensive work in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, Steve has also worked in fashion photography, and destination weddings.

A partial client list includes FAME/WNSO, OXYGEN Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine, L’Oreal FASHIONWEEK plus numerous commercial clients.

For current news & updates, please stop by his website:

Chris CartherSoprano 1987-1992Professional Trumpet Player for 10 years. Worked with Clint Holmes, Fred Travelena, The Platters, The 5th Dimension, Huey Lewis and the News, Jack Jones, Maureen McGovern, etc.
Trevor YuileBrass Instructor/Arranger, 1990-2000Commercial/TV-theme composer ("Billable Hours" on ShowCase). Trevor just completed (as of 2009.03.05) writing all the music for the CBC drama "Finding Erica" which has been picked up in the US, the UK and other countries. It has also been picked up for a second season.
Trevor's IMDB (Internet Movie Database) Page:      
Richard BurrowsSnare 1994-1998, Pit Instructor 1999-2005percussionist for Scrap Arts Music ( also a founding member of TorQ Percussion Quartet (
Michael BeauclercSnare 1996-1998Is now an active artist/clinician for Yamaha Canada, Sabian, and in the very near future, Vic Firth. He is also an internationally-published author of educational drum books. More info at his website:
Andrew BeallSnare 1997-1998NYC (Broadway)-based Professional Percussionist. Many major credits as both a performer and composer. Much more in his bio here
Jason LogueBrass Arranger/Caption Head 2001-2004Jason Logue is a Freelance Trumpeter in Toronto and leader of his own band the Jason Logue Six. At Present Jason is playing with, among others, David Clayton-Thomas (was frontman for "Blood, Sweat & Tears"). He has Toured Canada with Rob McConnel and the Boss Brass....Performed for Diana Krall, Bernadette Peters, Marie Osmond, Ben Vareen, Hal Linden, Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, Bobby Vinton, Little Anthony and The Imperials, The Temptations, The 4 Tops, The Platters, Maureen McGovern, The Coasters, Martha Reeves, The Spinners, Frankie Vallie and Jazz artists Sam Rivers, Kenny Wheeler, Steve Smith, Louis Belson and played at the Toronto-based production of Hairspray ...... and he is STILL workin with the Dutchboy...
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Scott AtkinsSnare 1991-1994
  • Percussion Product Manager, Coast Music div. of JAM Industires 2001 - present.
  • Canadian Artist Relations Manager - Sonor Drums Canada, 2002 - Present.
  • Vic Firth Worldwide Artist Relations Manager of the Year - 2005.
  • Yamaha Marching Percussion Artist 1999-present.
  • Private Drum Teacher & Clinician,
  • Member of the Vic Firth Education Team, 2002 - present.
  • Eric O'ConnorBrass 1996, Drum Major 1997-1999Eric is now a successful pro photographer ( )
    Rebecca GlickPit 2000-2001Since 2008, she's been the Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey, prosecuting child welfare cases representing the State.

    Finishing top-10 in the Boston Marathon.
    Excludes "I make a really wicked spaghetti sauce" or simply having kids (giving birth to 3 or more at once, okay)
    NameWith KavaliersAfter Kavaliers
    Megan (Wilson) ShukerSop 99-2000 Mello/Pit/Conductor 2001She ran both the Detroit Marathon (in 2005) and Toronto Waterfront Marathon (in 2006) She didn't place very high in either (it's not that she's slow, she's just more deliberate) but the point was to finish. And at that distance, it's harder to run for 5 hours than it is to run for 4. :o)
    Angelina (Vega) ChagoyaPit/DrumMajor 99-2000In 2008, she completed two sprint length triathlons (swimming, cycling, running) in San Antonio, TX. She's currently training for two more triathlons before the season is over. She didn't place high, but you have to start somewhere!

    Drum Corps
    Marching / Teaching Top-12
    NameWith KavaliersAfter Kavaliers
    Keith MatthewsSoprano Soloist 1974-1976Blue Devils 1980 - Upper Lead Soprano
    Brad WoodTenors 82, Snare 83Blue Devils Bass Drum 85 & 86
    Jon VanderkolffSoprano 83-85Garfield Cadets 86,87. Taught Star of Indiana.
    Scott BlandfordSnare section leader 87/88Garfield Cadets 1989
    Shane MorrissTenors 87 & 88Garfield Cadets 1989, 1990, 1993
    Nicole BainColour Guard 1987-1989Garfield Cadets 1990, 1993
    Kelley (Cameron) PhillipsColour Guard 1982, Soprano 1983-1988Marched Phantom Regiment 1990, 1991
    Jason ParentSnare 86-90Phantom Regiment Snare 1991-1993. DCI Solo Snare champ 1993 with 99.5. PASIC Solo Snare champ 1993. Snare tech for Phantom Regiment in 1994.
    Bev HeschColour Guard 1983-1990Phantom Regiment Guard 1992
    Nikki LegaultColour Guard 1987-1991Cadets Guard 1992
    Sarah RobsonMellophone 1989-1990Blue Devils Mellophone 1992
    Ryan RobsonMellophone 1987-1990Blue Devils Mellophone 1992
    Bryan HalladayTop Bass 1987, 1988Blue Devils Bass Drum 1992
    Steve SilvestroTenors 1987, 1988Blue Devils Tenors 1992
    Dave SchmidtPit 1988, Snare 1989-1992Cavaliers Snare 1993
    Chris CartherSoprano 1987-1992Cavaliers Soprano 1993.
    Rebecca (Thomas) LeBlancColour Guard 1990-1992, Mellophone 1993Cadets of Bergen County, 1994, Guard
    Tony ShukerBass Drum 1990, Tenors 1991-1994Tenors Cavaliers 1995-1997, Teched Phantom Regiment tenors 1999-2002
    Lori (Jacobs) Hancock'88 - '92 Guard'94 & '96 Phantom Regiment Guard, aging out in '96 and getting a ring after 13 years in drum corps
    Wayne DillonBrass Caption Head/Arranger, 1986-1989Head DCI Brass Caption Judge
    Joe ShukerPit 1990, Bass Drum 1991-1992, Snare 1993-1996Cavaliers Snare 1997-2001, DCI Solo Snare, 2nd in 1999, 2nd in 2000, 4th in 2001 (0.75 behind 1st).
    Rieko KoyamaTenors 1996-1997Santa Clara Vanguard Tenors 1998
    Gareth SkippVisual Designer/Caption Head 1987-2000, Asst. dir. 1997-1999Teaching Bluecoats
    Junya OtaniContra 1997-1999, Visual staff 2000-2001Bluecoats Visual Tech
    Troy ThrowerLead Soprano 1988Bluecoats Brass Tech
    Stephanie FurnissVisual TechBluecoats Visual Caption Head. She's now (2009 season) with the Colts.
    John McFarlandSnare 1999-2001Santa Clara Vanguard Snare 2002-2004
    Jacquie RenaudColour Guard & Captain 1972Has been director of the Ventures Winter Guard since the summer of 1999. Prior to that she taught Ventures from 1982-1987 and 1994-1999 as well as being the Dutch Boy Administrative Assistant from 1990-1993.
    Noel AlvarezSnare 20022007 DCI I&E Snare Champion while with Blue Devils with a score of 96.00
    Daryl ThompsonGuard 20052007 DCI I&E Solo Flute Champion while with Cavaliers with a score of 94.00
    Scott AtkinsSnare 1991-1994Kingston Grenadiers Senior Drum Corps: Arranger 1998 through 2006 & 2008
    Eric O'ConnorBrass 1996, Drum Major 1997-1999Blue Devils Drum Major, 2000


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