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By using this form, it's more likely that Paul Johnston (Alumni Chairperson) will get the information and update the list properly.
You could still simply email the same info but this ensures it's always in a standard format.    Paul
This information is necessary for all correspondence
Name: (First & CURRENT Lastname)
i.e. Theresa Jiggins
Previous LastName (if married)
i.e. Lacroix
This information is kept by the alumni association for correspondence ONLY
Phone Number:
Postal Address:
This information is for the Alumni Web Page
What you're doing/did with the corps & when:   i.e. Lead Soprano 1994, 3rd Contra 1995

What constitutes a season? For you to have marched season YY you must have marched in either Canadian Nationals
or DCI World championship week, whichever came later (and is applicable). If you joined in the fall of the season before
just indicate the seasons you actually completed. And if you were only involved for part of a year and didn't finish
the season, that doesn't count. To paraphrase a certain credit card company, Membership has its privlieges
Nickname (if it's not too painful):
Your homepage URL (if applicable):
What you did after Kavaliers / what you're doing now:
i.e. Marched with Blue Devils in 1996. I'm now lead surgeon at Mt. Sinai in NYC
Inspirational Message to fellow Kavaliers
(or, your favourite memory, etc.)

i.e. Good luck this year! We Are One!

Feel free to embed safe HTML code in the "PostKavies" and "Inspirational Message" fields
(Unsafe TAGs like SCRIPT, APPLET, OBJECT, EMBED, etc are stripped)
Other general comments (NOT FOR THE WEBSITE):
The info on this page is not automatically inserted into the website so you can
include other instructions, etc. below (like the body part of a normal email)

i.e. Yo, I want to organize a BBQ, etc.

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