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YearClassScorePlacementShow infoLocation
1982DCI A Class45.5516thPrelimsMontreal, QC
1986DCI A-60 Class64.1012thPrelimsMadison, WI
1987DCI A Class74.906thPrelimsMadison, WI
1987DCI A Class71.606thFinalsMadison, WI
1987CDCA A Class86.43rdCdn NationalsOshawa, ON
1988DCI A Class83.705thPrelimsKansas City, MO
1988DCI A Class86.305thFinalsKansas City, MO
1988DCI Open Class58.7030thQuarter-FinalsKansas City, MO
1988CDCA A Class91.501stNationalsScarborough, ON
1989DCI A Class83.904thPrelimsKansas City, MO
1989DCI A Class83.105thFinalsKansas City, MO
1990DCI A Class83.303rdPrelimsBuffalo, NY
1990DCI A Class86.904thFinalsBuffalo, NY
1990DCI Open Class59.4033rdPrelimsBuffalo, NY
1991DCI A Class79.509thPrelimsDallas, TX
1992DCI Div II86.204thPrelimsMadison, WI
1992DCI Div II87.304thFinalsMadison, WI
1992DCI Div I65.4027thQuarter-FinalsMadison, WI
1993DCI A Class83.709thPrelimsJackson, MS
1994DCI Div II90.404thPrelimsBoston, MA
1994DCI Div II90.304thFinalsBoston, MA
1995DCI Div II92.402ndPrelimsBuffalo, NY
1995DCI Div II95.602ndFinalsBuffalo, NY
1995DCI Div I69.6021stQuarter-FinalsBuffalo, NY
1996DCI Div I80.3014thQuarter-FinalsOrlando, FL
1996DCI Div I79.2014thSemi-FinalsOrlando, FL
1997DCI Div I82.5014thQuarter-FinalsOrlando, FL
1997DCI Div I82.7014thSemi-FinalsOrlando, FL
1998DCI Div I78.5016thSemi-FinalsOrlando, FL
1999DCI Div I76.3019thQuarter-FinalsMadison, WI
2000DCI Div I71.7020thQuarter-FinalsWashington, DC
2001DCI Div I72.5023rdQuarter-FinalsBuffalo, NY
2002DCI Div I75.9020thQuarter-FinalsMadison, WI
2003DCI Div I78.7520thQuarter-FinalsOrlando, FL
2004DCI Div I75.3522ndQuarter-FinalsDenver, CO
2005DCI Div I68.6024thQuarter-FinalsMadison, WI



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